Premiere: Dominik Marz – Chorus Line

5 Minute Read
BLTRS Dominik Marz Cover

Club ready pumpers from a producer on the rise.

They all sang together in perfect harmony as the smoke billowed and filled the room with a thick dense fog. It was epic and overwhelming by all proportions…

The sound was loud and raucous in the ears of each and every vocalist as they embraced the task at hand. This was what a chorus line was all about and praise be to the heavens above that they would be heard up there by whoever was looking down upon them.

Some had called them mad, some had questioned their beliefs. However, when they heard them sing, well – that was quite something else entirely.


Dominik Marz is a producer who has amassed a keen following from some fairly big and reputable names on the circuit. Red Axes, Solomun and many more have all supported in the past…

However, his latest offering for Glaswegian record label Belters might just be his biggest to date, a club ready EP which we’ve been informed has already been doing the business far and wide. For those eager eared dancers out there you might have heard this one already…

Grab it here.