Premiere: Los Latidos – One Two

5 Minute Read

Jun Records release a new EP from Rafael Cohen best known for his work as a bassist with !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

Timing was tricky, that much was true and could be forgiven. As he stood in the empty hall he looked around him at the stacked seating and the flickering lights which beamed down from a vast metal framework up above. Soon this place would be crowded and busy with people and onlookers. Those who had come to observe the performance were counting on him to get this right…

He rest himself in his position upon the stage, listened to the music as it bounced and rebounded between the walls and began to move. Every beat was counted in his head:

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

That was all there as to it, for it had to be.


Jun Kamoda’s Jun Records is set to release a new EP from Rafael Cohen, best known for his work as a bassist with !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

As Los Latidos he focusses his attention towards the dancefloor, blurring disco infused grooves with elements of dub and balearic. This one is destined to delight in the clubs and on the festival circuits, you have been warned.

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