Premiere: Generali Minerali – Pumpkins Are Always Sad

PACK SHOT – Generali Minerali – LBR-003 -LBR Records

One of Tbilisi’s key electronic players heads to LBR Records for an EP of heavy electro and breaks.

They both loved getting what they wanted, the answer ‘no’ didn’t exist and, no matter how much time passed, they’d never accept it. What made matters worse was that they were so alike in their own over-inflated sense of self-worth that they clashed on every little thing. Now there was nothing wrong with a little healthy rivalry but this one had the potential to lead to fireworks.


A passion for full throttle electro and breaks is the driving force for Generali Minerali’s productions. A resident at Drama Bar and Tes Club, he’s a central figure in Tbilisi’s electronic music scene, furnishing him with the knowledge of what can send the dance floor into a frenzy. That’s exactly what the tracks on his new release for LBR Records are primed to do. Unsurprisingly Pumpkins Are Always Sad is made up of fierce electro rhythms, analog synth lines and a hefty dose of breakbeats, backed up by a remix from Dutch producer and Panorama Bar resident Steffi.