Premiere: RONI – Earth Call


The Nehza Records boss releases her debut production as part of Nantes-based club Macadam’s five year anniversary release.

The wind rustled gently through the trees, teasing the remaining crisp brown leaves from their branches. A blanket had now formed on the ground, covering any remaining grass that had managed to squeeze the last drops out of summer. This turn of the season was her favourite; when bobble hats and thick mittens would be dredged from storage boxes, and winter coats donned for misty, sun-drenched morning walks. The earthly colours; the freshness of the air; the pitstops for mandatory hot drinks — she felt an immediate warmth at the first whiff of Autumn.


To commemorate five years of existence of Nantes-based club Macadam, Garde-Robe Records, the label arm of the club’s artistic team Androgyne, have rallied friends and family for a compilation which highlights the sounds and names making the city’s club culture tick. Everybody who’s contributed to the release, which includes RONI, Younger Than Me and A Strange Wedding, have played at the club over the last five years and are championing the sounds dear to the space, from bass and breaks to rave and trance.