Premiere: Helmet – Purple Edge


Ste Roberts introduces his new label Private Parts with a 1995 timeless techno reissue.

Change was a natural part of life; he’d long given up trying to resist it and instead embraced it with open arms. Whether that was friendship circles, relocations or career switches, it made his years all the more richer. The life tapestry he was painting welcomed fresh colours and threads, new people added their own strokes, some subtle, others unmistakable; it was constantly evolving into a masterpiece that grew more beautiful day by day.



DJ and producer Ste Roberts is embarking on a new label venture. Having already proved his curatorial abilities through his co-run Hypercolour imprint and his own Ste label, he now introduces Private Parts which kicks off in style with a sought after reissue from 1995. Made up of two tracks from the only release put out by Helmet, the duo of Max Brennan and Aubrey, Purple Edge is hypnotic, timeless driving techno at its best, with the title track made famous by its inclusion in the Craig Richard’s seminal Fabric 01 mix compilation.


Purple Edge will be released on 14th October on Private Parts.