Track By Track: Dina Summer – Rimini

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Dina Summer is the live project of Local Suicide and Kalipo.

The trio have joined forced before under these monikers but it wasn’t until recently that they decided the project was worthy of its own name.

Fronted by one half of Local Suicide, Dina P (AKA Vamperella), and with other half Brax Moody and Kalipo providing the sound bed for her commanding vocals, the group marry their formative influences which span 80s disco, 90s electro, new wave and dark disco.


Local Suicide are no strangers to collaboration – they’ve teamed up with the likes of Skelesys,  over the last few years, while Kalipo used to form part of electro-punk band Frittenbude, before conceiving his solo alias back in 2014.

Following their first collab in 2019, Dina, Brax and Kalipo set about honing their sound which led to the music on their debut LP, Rimini: a dark and heady introduction to their collective inspirations. Following the release on Audiolith this month, Dina guides us through each track on the release…


Colour: Pitch black.

Season: Winter.

Inspiration: The lyrics were inspired while producing the track in the studio. We found a preset on the Moog One called Dominator, and since I’ve always been fascinated by dynamic boss women, the ‘Dominator’ character was born.

Setting: The ideal setting would be a sweaty basement club.



Colour: Rusty red.

Season: Early autumn.

Inspiration: The song is inspired by recreational space travel. This might be a reality soon, not only because it is exciting, but also because we have been destroying our planet, and who knows whether the following generations will be able to enjoy nature as we do. Music can last forever, and I imagine people listening to the song in 200 years thinking, “yeah, of course, I’ve also been to Mars and loved Grate Crate and Mount Sharp.”

Setting: The best location would be between sand dunes on a sunny September afternoon or in the year 2320 while surfing down the sand dunes of Mount Sharp on Mars!



Colour: Dark blue.

Season: Late summer.

Inspiration: ‘Uranos’ means sky in Greek and is about the love of being in the clouds. This can be either literally when travelling to a faraway place by plane – the feeling of being above the clouds and knowing you’re being transported to another world and reality is priceless – but also metaphorically by feeling high from an emotion, hearing music, dancing, and doing things you love.

Setting: The best experience would be to listen while driving a motorbike into a lunar landscape where you can only see the sky on the horizon.



Colour: Blood red.

Season: Halloween.

Inspiration: The song has a sci-fi thriller theme, with a badass female protagonist who travels back in time to seek revenge.

Setting: Dancing on Halloween.

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Zig Zag

Colour: Colourful, 80s zig-zag patterns.

Season: Spring.

Inspiration: Zig Zag is a fun track that uses many different, odd-sounding phrases in English, German and Greek.

Setting: An 80s-themed party.

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Colour: Golden brown.

Season: Mid-summer.

Inspiration: I have been obsessed with the Sahara desert since I was a child! I travelled there once from Egypt and once in Tunisia. It is still, for me, one of the most exciting places on earth, and I wanted to write a song about it. I am fascinated by the Fata Morgana mirage visions people experience in the desert where they see things that don’t exist, usually water springs, oases with lakes, etc.

Setting: Riding a camel through the Sahara.

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Colour: Glittery black.

Season: Winter.

Inspiration: ‘Wunderbar’ was heavily inspired by the electroclash era, especially ‘Frank Sinatra’ by Miss Kittin & The Hacker. It is all about the superficiality of ‘stars’ who want to be the centre of attention and have the lights on them.

Setting: Sitting in the back of a limousine, driving through Hollywood.

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Colour: Heart Red.

Season: Late spring.

Inspiration: It is a love song with lyrics in English, Greek, Italian, Spanish and French, exploring all the ways love can be intoxicating.

Setting: Walking flower fields, holding hands with your other half.

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Colour: Crocodile blue-green.

Season: Late autumn.

Inspiration: Crocodile is for all the fake people we encounter at some point, about crocodile tears, “hauxspitality” (faux hospitality) as opposed to hospitality, and so on.

Setting: Rowing down the Nile, trying to avoid the crocodiles just like in everyday life.



Colour: Coral red.

Season: Mid-summer.

Inspiration: Rimini is about the city’s local legend, Maurizio ‘Zanza’ Zanfanti, who passed away a few years ago. Max read the story in a German magazine and asked me to write a song about him. Maurizio was an Italian playboy known as ‘Zanza’ (mosquito in Italian) and for being Rimini’s Romeo. He claimed to have slept with more than 6,000 women and done more for Rimini than “100 tourist agencies”. When we were in Rimini for the photo and video shoot, we wanted to visit his tomb, and everyone at the cemetery knew him and claimed he was a “legend”.

Setting: Sipping on a cocktail, lying on your coral red sunbed in Rimini.

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Rimini is out now on Audiolith.