_Artwork JGR004 Side A

The Ukrainian producer makes his debut on DJ Mell G’s Juicy Gang Records.

The rain came down hard that day, he remembered it so clearly as if it were just yesterday. Perhaps it was down to him blocking out the severity of what played out back then, he’d tried hard to erase it from his memory but sometimes things triggered the emotions to come flooding back. Rather he tried his best to focus on the dull and mundane parts of the experience – the stack of dirty dishes piled on the kitchen side, the tough stain that was smeared across the couch, the smell of burning plastic clogging up his nostrils…


Hamburg artists DJ Mell G launched her Juicy Gang Records imprint at the end of 2021, at first as a space for her own music solo and alongside DJ Fuckoff, and then more recently to showcase like-minded genre bending artists who share her sonic ethos. She follows up a VA with the first artist EP from someone other than her: a four-track release from Ukrainian DJ, producer and cyberpunk RAAVEL. INSECT REPLICANT is crunchy and full throttle, matching electro, EBM and broken beat techno, approached with a punk attitude.