Premiere: Heap – No Palm Too Big feat. Gayna Rose Madder

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A stellar assortment of EBM, Industrial and leftfield sounds from Heap.

They held one another tightly as they walked peacefully along the dimly lit boulevard. The wind howled and the rain battered the pier in the distance as they watched the waves crash in against the shore. It was dark, there was nobody else around.

In the distance they could see the faint shadow of a boat moving against a milky backdrop of stars and murky clouds. She held his hand tighter now, it were as if no palm was too big to ease her nerves. Not even his…


Vienna-based Florian Stöffelbauer – also known as Heap, has built a consistent reputation as a skilled DJ, producer and Neubau’s label head.

Now he is set to release a new record via Isla, a collection of abstract electronics with influences from punk, industrial and leftfield sounds galore.

‘False Hope’ will be available from the 4th of November next month.

Listen below: