Premiere: 4 Beat Grace – Voyage


The Zurich-based band take influence from post-punk and new wave on their self-titled debut EP.

Flashes of light passed by them on each side as they weaved in-between planets, stars and constellations. What a view to behold amidst the cosmos, their bodies felt as light as a feather and their minds free of worries as they floated through infinite space.

Anything and everything could happen up here in this intergalactic dream world, they just needed to fly for long enough to find out what…


Birthed in Zurich last year, 4 Beat Grace are a six-piece band with a love of fuzzy post-punk, alt rock and hypnotic new wave. Inevitably these influences have played heavily into their releases, which so far have taken the form of three singles earlier this year. Now they’re readying their first EP, a self-titled six-tracker on their eponymous label, which lets listeners into their sonic ‘dark dream worlds’ and lyrical commitment to ‘social equality and questioning entrenched views’.


4 Beat Grace will be released on 28th October.