Premiere: OKRAA – Baile de Fuego (Fiebre Mix)


Colombian producer OKRAA takes inspiration from his home country on a new EP for Earthly Measures.

“Desplazamiento (El Baile Como Salvación / Dance as a Salvation): Many indigenous people, and members from the country-side communities in Colombia have been forced through the years to leave their hometown due to expropriation of their lands, forcing them to live in cities in extreme poverty. The feeling of helplessness and the wish to help them but not being able to make a huge difference for the lack or shortage of money. There’s many artists and musicians that have had to go through this, and they make art their way of coping with it.”


For his new release on Earthly Measures Colombian producer OKRAA draws inspiration from his homeland. Each track in either name, samples or source pays tribute to different communities and traditions across the country, from the African communities in Colombia to native Bullerengue rhythms, instruments like the Marimba de Chonta and religious musical ceremonies including Alumbranzas. Of course these are all approached through an electronic lens, with touches of electro, acid, UK bass and house, intertwining with tradition and culminating in a deeply personal journey.