Premiere: Nyra – Light Source


The Adonis resident takes care of the first Canoe EP in two years with two euphoric club tracks.

The lights flooded the room lighting up the sea of gleeful faces from the front to the back. The party had been going all day and all night, and the energy had never let up, even for a moment. Bodies swarmed the dance floor, moving in unison to the pulsing beats seeping out of the speakers in each corner. Time seemed to stand still inside here, there was nothing but them and the music, the outside world no longer mattered…


Following his debut outing on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent, Adonis family member Nyra returns to Canoe Records for the label’s first EP in two years. Made up of two tracks, the release draws inspiration from the Sheffield-born producer’s formative clubbing experiences in his home city and a love of the early Belgian rave sound. Self-described as “intergaleatic future sounds”, it’s full of euphoria with ravey synths, energetic rhythms and soaring piano melodies that transport you back to the heydays of the 90s.