Premiere: Paul Blackford – Super Creep

SPLX08 Front Cover

The electro producer makes his debut on N-Gynn and Mike Gill’s Superlux imprint.

The room was crowded with bodies, all hoping to outlast one another in what felt like an eternal waiting game. Everyone had been told the prize would be worth it in the end but they could only take their word for it. Impatience was getting the better of them, they’d been sat twiddling their thumbs for hours and hours now. Time seemed to crawl along at a snails pace; they had to keep reminding themselves that it was a marathon, not a sprint.


Paul Blackford has been releasing music for two decades, and you can tell, his slick electro and machine funk creations are deftly produced, characterised by a meeting of modern and classic influences. His next release comes via N-Gynn and Mike Gill’s Superlux imprint, which has previously been home to music from Thoma Bulwer, Dawl, Desert Sound Colony and more, and has a serendipitous story behind it.

Mike and Paul connected after a video was posted on the former playing one of his tunes, and in response Paul sent his entire catalogue to Mike by way of thanks for the support. So the conversation about an EP on the label begun and Weekend Warrior is the result, which showcases his classic fusion of future-facing electronics and classic Detroit-flavoured electro.