Premiere: Tony Y Not – Your Exile In My Mind


The Brooklyn-based producer debuts on Live At Robert Johnson.

The thought of him made her blood boil, her fists clench and her brow sweat. What had begun as shock had soon been replaced by sadness and swiftly that had contorted itself into anger. The person she’d known all these years wasn’t really who she thought he was, and now she couldn’t even bear to look at him, it were as though he had become a stranger. He’d been exiled from her home, from her life, from her inner circle, but there was a mountain to climb when it came to exiling him from her mind.


After racking up appearances on Me Me Me and Riotvan, among others, German-born, Brooklyn-based producer Tony Y Not crash lands on Live At Robert Johnson with a stellar debut. She’s already built a distinct sound through her previous releases which orbits around metallic synth lines, pulsing dynamic rhythms and dark moody atmospheres, all of which come together on her new three-tracker. Titled Your Exile In My Mind, the EP takes cues from techno, euro disco, acid, Italo and wave, and is without a doubt made with a dark dance floor in mind.