Premiere: Indopan – Bogville

5 Minute Read

Indopan is a new moniker of The Cyclist, this new release features a collection of psychedelic dance music across a spectrum of genres.

The town was quiet as night fell, the only lights which flickered ad flashed were those in the taverns and brothels which lined the dusty towpath. It was cold out here, cold and muddy. Very few travellers ever ventured this far out, for why would they?

Nobody wanted to live here, it was the type of place you might get stuck after a troublesome and unfortunate series of events. Yet despite all of this there was still friendship to be found amidst the chaotic undertones of this run down ramshackle town.

It was called Bogville, a fitting name for a fitting place.


Indopan is set to release a new album via 100% Silk – a longstanding US based label which has been a home to a variety of artists including the likes of Innergaze, Octo Octa, Luca Lozano and many more. The Cyclist has had a longstanding connection to the label having released material via 100% Silk many times. His latest project is under the guise of Indopan, offering a psychedelic outlet for leftfiield dance music burgeoning at the seams.

Listen below: