Premiere: No Moon – Transmission III

5 Minute Read

Beautiful ambient textures from No Moon via Craigie Knowes.

There was a crackle as the radio sprung to life. A voice beckoned through the old system, he did not know from where it came and what it meant. Strange noises filled the room and the transmission buzzed and echoed in the chamber. This was the third time that they had tried to communicate with life beyond planet earth…

Space was a myriad of opportunities and unexplored adventures. It had always been but a matter of time before they finally managed to connect with something not from this world. Now that they’d found it they wondered whether whatever they’d found might become friend or foe.

Time would tell…


New Moon is set to release a beautiful record via Craigie Knowes. ‘Spins, Parities & Multipolarities’ is comprised of six beautiful ambient experiments – a collection of material far removed from the club ready sounds we usually associate with the label and producer.