The Irresistible Force vs Ramjac Corporation share 1990 recording from The Brain Club

The Irresistible Force vs RAMJAC Corporation

A historical live recording of The Irresistible Force and Ramjac Corporation’s 1990 set from The Brain Club will be released on 25th March.

Capturing a life-changing musical period, at one of the leading venues for British electronic music development and experimentation in London, the recording includes liner notes from The Brain club co-owner Sean McLusky, ‘Bass, Mids, Tops’ writer and DJ Joe Muggs, as well as original sleeve art from the other club co-owner Mark Wigan.


The Irresistible Force is the moniker of underground legend and ambient DJ and producer Mixmaster Morris. Active since before the emergence of the acid house scene, he’s known for albums on Rising High Records, as well as churning out mixtapes, compilations and albums, and playing raves and festivals all over the world. He’s currently working on three new LPs for Ninja Tune.

Ramjac Corporation is the guise of producer, percussionist and sound artist Paul Chivers. An unsung British electronic pioneer, Paul’s known for his live shows during the Summer of Love, and performances at Sunrise, Energy and Back To The Future raves, as well as playing alongside Orbital. Emotional Rescue reissued his debut extended player Cameroon Massif! back in 2018, which blended techno, dub bass and breakbeat.

There will be an album release party on Friday 11th March at GALLERY 46 in London, featuring a live old school set from The Irresistible Force and live reel 2 reel from Ramjac Corporation.