Premiere: Niklas Wandt – Bodyzeit

Sleeve Front

The Berlin-based drummer, percussionist and producer heads to Warning for his next release.

Tears began to flood his eyes and he couldn’t catch his breath. He was keeled over, rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter. As soon as he’d calmed himself down just the slightest amount, he was off again in all-engulfing hysterics, the kind that shook your entire body and turned your cheeks a deep shade of red. What had even set him off in the first place? He couldn’t actually remember… ‘Now that’s funny in itself’, he thought… And off he went again…


Never one to take a straight-forward approach when it comes to music-making, Berlin-based master of everything Niklas Wandt throws all that good stuff in the mix for his new release on Warning. It’s exactly what you would expect from the producer, percussionist, drummer, singer and knob twiddler – it’s a mishmash of all the sounds that inspire him; there’s robotic vocoder passages, ravey stabs, lush piano chords, squelchy acid lines and dusty breaks a plenty. Alongside the two originals, there’s remixes from our good friend Fantastic Twins and another regular RSN collaborator Borusiade, who both put their own flips on Niklas’ one of a kind creations.