Premiere: Owelle – Your Word Against Mine


The Geneva-based artist blurs the lines between IDM, breakbeat and psychedelia on her debut for Creaked Records.

Nobody would believe her, they looked at her with furrowed brows and narrowed eyes, silently dismissing each and every word that left her lips. Her argument “didn’t hold up”, they said, it was “beyond the reach of imagination”, so what could she possibly do to convince them? It was her word against theirs, and there was an unspoken bias that would work in their favour every time. She was fighting a losing battle here…


Following a series of self-releases, Geneva-based artist Owelle now makes her first official foray via Biel/Bienne’s Creaked Records. Her passion for experimentation and tight programming shine on Detuned Leashes, as does her ability to blend diverse influences from club sounds like breakbeat and techno to non-electronic inspirations including psych-rock and field recordings. This tripped out five-tracker showcases her refining her sound and style even more, and comes complete with a remix from Lausanne producer Atønal.