Premiere: Salomo – Body Talk


Bitterfeld make their return with a second sampler featuring Interviews, Qwerty, Jónbjörn and Salomo.

Something felt off, she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what but it were as though she were detached from herself – her body merely a vessel for her mind to exist. She floated through her house, drifted through her office, hovered over the streets like a ghostly spirit that had left this planet long ago. What could bring her back to solid ground and connect her with her body once more? Or would her spirit wander for eternity?


Bitterfeld returns! The Leipzig-based label, affiliated with R.A.N.D Muzik Recordings, is dropping back down to earth with a brand new sampler and a fresh line up in attendance. The first edition of FOR A BITTER TOMORROW came all the way back in 2019 before the world got turned on its head and featured sonic nourishment from Guy Contact, label boss Carmel, Consulate and Bitterfeld regular Interviews. It’s the latter who returns for ‘Band 2’, joined by fresh faces Salomo, Qwerty and Jónbjörn who explore the expanses of techno, braindance and electro.