Premiere: Key Clef – Ipnotica Erotica


The producer, sound artist and ACXS founder readies a three-track EP for her own Ipnotica Erotica imprint.

Her heart rate began to quicken and her breath shorten; the pressure was unlike anything she’d experienced before. Orders were being barked from all sides of the room, as soon as she began the first task, there was already another three that needed to be fulfilled. She thought she’d thrive in this environment, that it would push her out of her comfort zone, but she hadn’t imagined it would be this intense. Maybe she wasn’t cut out for it, but for now she just had to make it through this service…


Key Clef’s next release celebrates the foundations of her label Ipnotica Erotica, in both sound and name. The Berlin-based producer and live artist has a foot in several different musical worlds, from club music to electro acoustics and performance art, as well as a background in sound engineering, all of which play a part in her refined analogue productions. There’s a slickness and a no bells and whistles approach to all three tracks which showcase her deftness at synthesis and ability to create unfolding compositions that weave together metallic, stripped back techno and electro sounds.


Ipnotica Erotica will be released on 30th March. Key Clef will play a live set at Kantine am Berghain on April 12th, alongside Acrartep (live set) DJ sets from Lunatik and Di Leria.