Premiere: NEWEM feat Prudence – Feels Like Home (Dave Aju’s Dub)


The bORDEL boss shares a new single backed up by a string of remixes from Dave Aju, Heidi Hoven, Soft Riot and Blaacon.

What initially began as a weekend break had snowballed into a three month extended stay and a whole new world of unforgettable experiences and close friendships. She couldn’t put her finger on what exactly drew her to this place, made her not want to leave and return to her old boring life, it was more a feeling than something you could put into words. It felt like home here, it was as simple as that.


Following a full long player on his own bORDEL imprint last year, Sebastien Chenut returns under his NEWEM guide for a brand new track featuring the vocal stylings of Prudence. The French producer, who also makes up one half of Scratch Massive alongside fellow bORDEL boss Maud Geffray, fashions an indie dance cut that’s packed with emotion and cosmic touches, before passing the mantle to a roster of his contemporaries who put their own spin on the original. There’s two reworks from the partnership of DJ Heidi Lawden and producer Hein Hoven under the moniker Heidi Höven, a trippy, crunchy dub from Dave Aju, a celestial remix from Blaacon, rounded off with a retro take from Glasgow’s Soft Riot.