Premiere: Hektisch Sprengen DJs – Jenseits Jeglicher Existenz


Munich label Terra Magica rally new faces and old friends for an extended various artists compilation.

The alarm rang loudly, its shrill tone met with grunts, exclamations and the rustling of duvets. Slowly but surely people began to rise from their beds and start their daily rituals; teeth brushed, clothes ironed, morning stretches complete. Nothing changed, every day was the same, a stringent routine that was too hard to break. They all knew that there must be something beyond this existence but most chose to bury their heads in the sand and take the easy road.


Terra Magica return with another stellar Various Artists compilation, welcoming a roster of fresh faces and returning favourites. Intended to not just move your body but expand your mind too, Life Of Phoroma is a ‘journey through chaos, confusion, and pure eclecticism’ that features music from the likes of Lucas Croon, Volta Cab, A-Tweed, Too Smooth Christ, label bosses Hektisch Sprengen DJs and countless others. Psychedelia is the strain that connects each sonic contribution; there’s everything from breakbeat, electro, acid and trance, to EBM, new age, rave and downtempo rhythms, packaged with love for cosmic consumption.