Premiere: Jon Beige – Synergy Drink


The Parisian producer debuts on Records With Attitude with two UK-leaning club experiments.

She didn’t know the meaning of rest, every waking hour of her day was spent doing some odd job, chasing some new lead or rendezvousing with one of her many circles of friends. She had boundless amounts of energy, time out simply wasn’t in her vocabulary. In her opinion any moment spent doing nothing was a waste of time; she’d sleep when she’s dead…


Vino connoisseur and good food appreciator Jon Beige met Records With Attitude co-boss Mouloud whilst chowing down at Le Cave in Paris’ 10th District. We know, it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful love story. As the wine flowed, the pair got into chatting about music and the idea for the two tracks on Jon’s newest outing Gatorade were conceived. There’s a distinct nod to leftfield UK club rhythms which, in contrast to his previous releases for Global Warming which have balanced sonics for the home and the club, are both custom made for the dance floor.