Premiere: Felix Laband – They Call Me Shorty (DMX Krew Remix)

5 Minute Read

Deep moody grooves as DMX Krew reworks hot new material from Felix Laband.

Out here in the streets was no place to make friends – you had to keep your wits about you otherwise there might be trouble on the corner and once those blue lights started flashing they weren’t ever gonna’ stop.

As the sun went down beneath the silhouette of the tower-blocks the whole mood began to change as shops shut up shop and people wandered on home to retreat to the safe haven of their apartments.

Not him though, he would stay. For his shift was only just beginning and there were opportunities lurking around every corner after dark. They called him shorty but that was not to say he wasn’t big time…


Felix Laband is reimagined by the ever innovative DMX Krew who has recently focussed his attention toward the dancefloor with a string of releases and remixes which demonstrate his versatile prowess as a producer. This one might be our favourite yet, a deep, moody, sludgy groove packed with attitude on Compost Records. Do dance…

Listen below: