Premiere: Mugwump – Locomotive (Extended)


The Belgian DJ and producer gears up for the release of his new album Pneuma.

The rickety old station didn’t see much thoroughfair, in fact barely a soul had been seen on the platforms for years. Many had moved on from the surrounding villages, it had become a ghostly place with little around to keep inhabitants there. People never passed through here, there were no visitors or holiday-makers, but every now and then a mysterious train would appear; where it was headed nobody knew – a train to nowhere without a destination.


Subfield boss, DJ and producer Mugwump is back with a brand new album. Pneuma follows his previous long players Unspell and Drape, and builds on the slow, psychedelic sounds that make up his sound world. This time he aims the release more at the dance floor, mixing leftfield house, krautrock, dubbed-out disco and electro across the LP’s 10 tracks. Mugwump’s sardonic and alert lyrics take centre stage on the original cuts and the handful of covers, one of UK band Swing Out Sister and another from influential rock band Television’s Tom Verlaine, as well as a collab’ with Berlin chamber music duo Ceeys.


Pneuma will be released on 29th April via Subfield/!K7.