Premiere: CAIN – Kuro


The Scottish producer brings his signature percussive stylings to Darker Than Wax.

Peaceful was the best word to describe their surroundings. Silence seemed to grasp the landscape; it felt as though you were alone out here, away from civilisation and the woes of the world. The grass-covered mountains touched the clouds above, their pointed tips drawing curves and waves along the skyline. Where the mountains didn’t sprawl the glistening lakes and rivers did, each one carving their route through the grass. It felt mythical and untouched – it was wonder why those who came here would ever leave.


Over the last decade, Scottish producer CAIN has built a reputation for his percussive creations which have come on labels like Fine Grain, Boogie Box and his longtime affiliates Highlife, the rhythm-indebted sub-label of Huntleys and Palmers. It’s Darker Than Wax that is the home for his next release, and marks his debut for the Singapore-based record label run by Dean Chew and Kaye. Made in his native highlands of Scotland, the seven tracks are influenced by CAIN’s surrounding landscapes. Rhythm and percussion remain central to each track, and inspirations from places across the world shine through the melodies that sit on a foundation of synthetic and organic sounds.


Sarissa will be released on 29th April via Darker Than Wax.