Premiere: Tierra de Ovnis – Spirit Machine

Altered States 6 Artwork

Sinchi Collective return for Volume 6 of their charitable VA series.

The house had been barren for years, its moss covered front and cob-webbed windows an instant giveaway. That was until people came in to regenerate the town and suddenly life was breathed into the home once again. Its inside had been refurbished and its windows replaced, but beyond the beautiful facade and the freshly painted walls, there was a sense that something had happened here before; something terrible that would continue to inhabit the house regardless of its revived state.


Amsterdam’s Sinchi Collective have spotlighted a ton of new producers from across the globe through their Altered States compilation series, all while raising money for the Sinchi Foundation, which supports Indigenous peoples worldwide. For the sixth volume they bring on board a roster of fresh artists who are bubbling under the surface in their respective cities. The likes of Terra de Ovnis, Sinchi Collective co-founder Ilmo, DeepMe and A-Tweed feature, amongst others, all bringing their own dark and psychedelic flavours that span icy electro, techno-disco and cosmic synth jams.