Premiere: Amy Dabbs & Coco Bryce – Geezer Like Me

5 Minute Read
LT – CODA001 – B SIDE – 2000

A wicked mutant house come jungle crossover EP from two producers on the way up.

Wandering between the city streets I cast my mind back to days gone by – lost friends, late nights and distant memories of faces and places I can’t recall.

Despite all of this it was the same brickwork, the same broken cobbles and pavestones upon which I tread wildly atop into the morning.

A cup of coffee and a paper will do, let’s see what the world’s done now. The sound of birds chirping in the trees as I enter the park, the remnants of a big weekend scattered over by the bin.


Some might not think much of this place, to them it means little. However, to a geezer like me, it was paradise and the sense of opportunity hung thick and lingered in the air.

Amy Dabbs and Coco Bryce have collaborated to release a killer four track EP on the newly launched record label LT-Coda, an offshoot of Lobster Theremin. We don’t say this lightly when we hint that this may be one of our favourite releases of the year so far – sun kissed samples and euphoria aplenty this one rocks.