Premiere: Motion To Strike – Just OK


The collaborative project of Croatian producers Zarkoff and Man Of Cloth take care of the fifth release on R$N sub-label Human Endeavour.

The pair have previously collaborated under the guise of Lab Personnel, a Zagreb-based record label and collective who take an improvisational approach to synthesis, but as Motion To Strike, ‘Into Exile’ marks their debut outing.

Constructed from Zarkoff’s barebone ideas, and morphed into gripping spoken word EBM-techno tracks by Man Of Cloth, this union of potent lyricism and dark, metallic synth rumblings make for a dystopian soundtrack for the end of days.


Zarkoff takes the role of lyricist and vocalist, one he’s no stranger to (earmark his releases for Dark Entries as Sumerian Fleet and as Neugrau alongside DJ Pauli), and provides us with a searing commentary that sits atop Man Of Cloth’s frenetic synthesis of thunderous rhythms, stirring synthlines and ominous overtones.

It’s the sound of privileged cynicism walking towards the gallows of late capitalism, doing a slight jig. Pure joy.


Into Exile will be released on 5th July via Human Endeavour Records.