Premiere: Max Ulis – Shower Scene


Club Designs continue their flagship VA series with instalment number three.

Impatience had got the better of them, it felt as though they’d been waiting around for an eternity for something to happen. The longer they waited, the slower time seemed to pass; a minute felt like an hour and an hour like a day. A change had to come soon, chronic boredom would inevitably set in and before too long they’d become sick of each other’s presence. They were tired of playing the waiting game.



Vancouver-based label Club Designs have announced their third VA release, and the second shining a light on fresh electro sounds. Having previously paid homage to the sounds of ghetto house, the imprint now turn their attention back to the Detroit genre with eight artists showcasing their take on it through a modern lens. Label bosses Garneau and Sharkki deliver tracks, alongside their label mate Dj Failure, and several new artists including Ghostwhip, Partick Cure, Stuster, Max Ulis and Destrata.