Premiere: Maroki – Coldred

FB001 Maroki – Coldred EP Artwork

Flippen Disks kickstart their new offshoot Flippen Bits with a release from the Welsh producer.

The restaurant was full, brimming with the creme de la creme of society – anyone who was anyone could be found lurking in this dimly lit establishment. Amongst the clusters of suited up business men and their trophy wives, she propped herself at the bar, waiting anxiously to meet the woman who could potentially change her life. If all went well, she’d be rubbing shoulders with this clientele regularly, dressed in the most designer of garments, sipping on the most expensive of champagnes. It’s what she’d always wanted, a real in to the high society, but really she knew that, underneath the facade, she’d still always feel like an outsider.


Amsterdam’s Flippen Disks are launching a brand new offshoot, Flippen Bits. In contrast to the main label which highlights artists exploring borderless music that can be listened to at home or played on the dance floor, the sub-label will focus more on functional club music, starting with an EP from Welsh-born, Amsterdam-based producer Maroki. Best served late at night, the future-facing tracks that make up Coldred are full of bass weight and dense percussion, layered over frenetic breakbeats.


Coldred will be released on 26th January.