Premiere: Tolouse Low Trax feat. Eva Geist – Ossia


The live artist and Salon Des Amateurs affiliate returns to Bureau B for his fifth album.

The dulcet sounds drifted in through the window, carried by a soft breeze from the west of the town. Every morning it provided an organic wake up call; a sweet soundtrack to life in this quaint little place. Its source remained unknown – even if if you followed the path towards it, soon it evaporated as if it were emitting from the air itself. There were theories and speculations; some said it was the ghost of a mythical siren sent to lure in sailors from their ships, others maintained that it was simply the way the wind echoed off the cliff face. But ultimately there was no explanation needed, they counted themselves lucky to wake to these sweet sonics each and every day.


Under his Tolouse Low Trax moniker, Paris-based producer Detlef Weinrich has become revered for his psychedelic compositions, often stretched into unfurling opuses. For his fifth album Leave Me Alone – which is set for release on his regular haunt, Hamburg’s Bureau B – he experiments with a more playful sound, matching dub and hip hop influences with raw, tribalistic electronica. Amongst the LP’s 13 tracks is ‘Ossia’, a collaboration with Rome-based singer and producer Eva Geist who layers a political spoken passage from Italian poet Pier Paolo Pasolini over Detlef’s lumbering electronics.