Premiere: Fango – Didda Dae


The Venetian producer and DJ shares the second volume in his E Dee series which is dedicated to his son.

Had life only just started? It seemed everything that came before now had started to fade into darkness… Problems that once felt catastrophic no longer mattered; selfish pursuits were no longer on the agenda. It wasn’t just them anymore, there was another life to think about other than their own. Everything had been flipped on its head and, though scary and unknown, they were ready to dive in headfirst.


Italian DJ and producer Fango launched his E Dee series last June dedicated to a life-changing event that had taken place a few years prior: the birth of his first child Carlo. Each release explores the world his son sees but communicated through Fango’s own eyes (and ears). Now on volume two, and with Peruvian imprint Degustibus on board this time, he shares three cosmic, driving grooves that take their titles from Carlo’s own vocabulary, while the artwork uses Carlo’s mouth as the image for the centre sticker and his own drawing for the inner sleeve. Another chapter in a very personal and beautiful ode to becoming a parent.


E Dee Volume 2 will be released on 20th January via Degustibus.