Premiere: Man Power – Full Body Gurn

5 Minute Read

A leftfield rugged banger for sleazy clubs from Man Power on Nocturne.

He was quite the contortionist, moving and meandering his way through the crowded room. Thank heavens nobody might be able to see his face amidst the smoke and darkness for they might get the fright of their life at the prospect of his wide eyed gaze and wobbling jaw.

Things were getting tingly now, he could feel it all over.

Over there in the corner would be nice, some place out of sight where he would be left to his own devices with little but for the drowning sound of drums and the occasional wobble of the weight beneath.


This was it, this was what he was after. A good full body gurn, a total eclipse of the senses and chance to wipe the slate clean..

Man Power is your wonderful down to earth DJ. None of that pretentious rubbish, just stick him in a dark room with some loud music and you are good to go. His next release on Nocturne relishes in such sensibilities, a no holds bar dancefloor banger for the troops who like to move.

Listen below: