Premiere: Passarani – Strawberry Strings


The Italian producer makes his debut on Aus with his sixth album.

A bowl of the juiciest looking fruit sat in the middle of the table, its contents inviting her to take a bite. It was a case of look but don’t touch, though it challenged every inch of her not to reach out and grab a piece. A succulent bunch of grapes sat beside a vibrant pile of strawberries and an abundance of ripe pears, plums and bananas, how could she possibly resist? One bite wouldn’t hurt anyone…


Marco Passarani’s discography stretches back over nearly three decades including long players on well-respected imprints like Peacefrog, Running Back and Offen Music. For his next release, which marks his sixth LP, he heads over to Aus to make his debut with The Wildlife Of The Quieter Ones. Once again flexing his dexterity at moving between genres and styles, the 16 tracks showcase his timeless sound: a cocktail of glimmering electro, techno, house and IDM.