Premiere: M.Bootyspoon – Ghosted


The first in a series of compilations aimed at spreading the word about the harm of broken window policing.

The subway lights gave off a clinical glare as they flickered frantically above head. Every night, waiting for her train, she wondered whether anybody had been told to fix them, probably not… She scanned along the platform, analysing the characters waiting patiently for the train to come. In her head she’d imagine their lives, dream up their names and envisage the places they were making their journey to. What was their story? She’d never truly know.


NYC-based label and blog Palms Out have revealed the first in a series of compilations that will benefit different charities who are working to counteract the effects of broken windows policing. The overarching aim is to raise awareness of the ways in which policing and prosecuting low level offences serves to traumatise and disproportionately affect marginalised groups rather than prevent crime.

Titled End Broken Windows, the first compilation features music from the likes of Martyn Bootyspoon, Garneau, Carli, SUMORAI and many more, who were all given the brief to write music inspired by the subway/metro, a place where broken windows policing is widespread.

All profits from the first volume will be donated to the SBB National Sex Worker Bail Fund, as sex workers are often intersectionally and inordinately affected by these practices.