Premiere: Mark Hand & Neil Iceton – Rigil

5 Minute Read

Detroit inspired sounds which could have been recorded in the 90’s.

The city was tired – it had been standing for too long. It was only a matter of time before the wheels came off and the industry which once was here retreated into the nothingness of empty warehouses and abandoned complexes. This was not how it had been supposed to end…

As the clouds passed over the sprawling metropolis, it were as if they too were leaving this place one by one. They came and went, much in the same way as the investment had done. All that was left here now were good people, kind spirits and the remainder of a once great empire which had stood tall and proud, built upon its machines.


Mark Hand & Neil Iceton channel influences from Detroit on this brilliant new EP for Innate. These tracks could have been recorded in the Motor City way back for all we know. Beautiful, wild, sprawling melodies are paired with fast paced drums and percussion which is built for dancing. This one comes highly recommended with a gold seal of approval.