Premiere: Pluralist – Jerzee

1500X1500 (1)

The Bristol-based producer makes his debut on Manchester’s Left, Right & Centre.

The room was deafly silent; so quiet she could hear her heart pulsing and the blood coursing through her veins. Hours had passed since she first arrived, there had been no sonic or visual stimuli to keep her mind busy; she’d taken to fixing her gaze on a spot on the wall in the hope that it might force something indescribable to happen. The wait felt endless, like an infinite stretch of time with no end in sight, how long could this torture go on for?


Manchester’s Left, Right & Centre return for their first release of 2022 and the third artist-led release on the label. At the helm this time it’s Bristol-based producer and Rinse France resident Pluralist who has previously put out rhythmic outings for Panel Audio, Manuka Records and Control Freak Recordings. For this three track excursion, titled B Squared, Pluralist treats us to another batch of syncopated drum patterns, rumbling subs and pacy techno mutations that are ready to heat up any dance floor.