Premiere: ALF CHAMPION, MDHNTR – Alaib Do (Dream Version)


The Mexican producers team up for a two-tracker on Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms.

A new place always brought an air of mystery and intrigue with it. There was so much to discover, both in plain view and beneath the surface; you just had to know the right people to find out. Getting lost was the most exciting way to explore, wandering aimlessly through the streets and being ushered into secret spaces, sharing a conversation with a local that generated an even longer list of destinations. As long as they moved, discovered and explored, boredom would never come knocking at their door.


Not long off the back of his debut album, Mexican producer and Fucanglong Files co-founder ALF CHAMPION is at it again, this time bringing fellow local producer MDHNTR into the fold. The pair collaborate on a new two-tracker for Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms, which take us down opposing paths though equally as hypnotic. Intricate tribal rhythms and a pulsating bassline characterise the opener ‘Gnic Nad (Drum Version)’, while on the flip, closing track Alaib Do (Dream Version) allows us a moment of introspection as we’re carried along by its revving beat, mysterious atmosphere and humming chords.