Premiere: Lunar Orbit Rendezvous – Faith/Reason (Flug 8 Remix)

lunar orbit rendezvous - faith/reason remixes

Lunar Orbit Rendezvous’ Faith/Reason gets a re-rub from friends near and far

Up on the mountain top, it was difficult to visualise that people down below were still arguing about a system that they knew to be broken beyond repair. With a loss of faith in pretty much anything, their reasoning had become clouded by material items, masking their unhappiness with consumption. Jill sat there and mused for a few moments about these wars fought in (no longer) far-off countries, the business of war fought from behind a desk that no one believed to be of any worth anymore. Would she go down off the hill where the land held no water any longer or would she stay on this lush marshland where time stood still and faith in reason still held true? Holding her breath for a few seconds and letting it out in a long, slow breath she said quietly “this must be the place”.


Ransom Note Recs. welcomes back Belfast producer Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (aka Gregory Ferguson) for a stellar revisit of the title track ‘Faith/Reason’ from his 2021 album. The textured landscape and ambient tapestry of ‘Faith/Reason’ are passed onto producer pals Fred und Luna, Yoann Pistermann and Flug 8, who were able to take the track through adventures of sonic intricacy and bewitching music production. Flug 8 aka Daniel Herrmann’s driving ‘space’ techno cradles the track like a lullaby at dawn. Swirling melodies accompany the soaring drum kicks, swirling in infinite synths of hope and void.


Faith Reason (remixes) are out today via Ransom Note Records.