Premiere: G.E.O. Corp – Labrynna

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A new super special white label offshoot see’s G.E.O. Corp dabble in trance inspired soundscapes.

There were strange etchings and markings engraved in the old wooden door. This was the entrance to a world of mystery and intrigue, beyond the crooked walls and behind the fragmented brickwork lay many secrets and stories from a lifetime on planet earth. Some called it a library but to him it was more than that, it was a portal in which to step back in time.

This place lay empty now, replaced by the far more amenable technology which had swallowed them all. Few frequented this old place but those who did knew the true value and meaning of the knowledge it housed.

One day it might be gone but for now, just for a little while longer, it remained here to tell the stories and the tales of the past.


G.E.O Corp releases two new tracks, a dreamy, dubby, leftfield EP which leaves us wanting more. The whole nature of this release reminds us of the early 2000’s, when mysterious white labels lurked in dusty shelves and the world seemed so promising and bright. There’s a poignant sense of melancholy here, perfectly poised.