Premiere: Anatolian Weapons – Lost

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The Greek master of hypnotic electronics inaugurates London-based platform People & Places’ new label arm.

From one street to the next, everything looked the same. The street lamps, paving stones and house fronts – each identical, there were no signs or individualities that set each one apart.

He found himself walking in circles, tracing the exact steps he’d walked not an hour earlier. He knew his destination but the path to reaching it seemed unfathomable; he was lost and unsure whether he would ever be found.


It’s no secret we’re big fans of Anatolian Weapons. The Athens-based producer has mastered the art of crafting hypnotic machine-led productions that blend elements of EBM and kraut with polyrhythms and whispers of Greek folkloric music. His discography is ever-growing, so far he can count the likes of Lurid Music, Byrd Out, Serenades and our newest sub-label, Human Endeavour, as label affiliates, and now he’s extending that further with a four-track EP for London-based platform People & Places. Having built a reputation for their podcast series and Balamii radio show, they’re now branching out into the label world with this debut release, which is a potent, hypnotic batch of trance-tinged techno cuts.