Premiere: Laurence Matte – Men In Orbit

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Ritmo Fatale celebrate three years of their label with the second in a two-part compilation series, Epifania.

Tonight the moon took up the entire sky, illuminating the dark streets of the city below. From their window they watched the night as it flowed from dusk to dawn, imagining themselves floating beyond the universe; living beyond the stars.

How wonderful it would be to drift up above the cosmos and away from the world, they thought to themselves, in their own continuous orbit with the sun, the moon and the stars.


The beginning of this year marked Toulouse-based label Ritmo Fatale’s third year of existence. The imprint, run by Kendall and Paul Guglielmi, is celebrating the occasion with the release of a sprawling two-part compilation which showcases many of the sounds that make up the past, present and future of Ritmo’s world. Making pitstops in places like Indonesia, Spain, Morocco and Czech Republic, over two releases Epifania connects the dots between Italo, synth wave, progressive trance and 80s-influenced sonics, from artists including Cyda, Blutch, Kiara Scuro on part one, and Zaatar زَعْتَر , Cosmic G and Laurence Matte on its successor.