Premiere: Mishell feat. Vongold – Cocktail Splash

Playground 10 Years Compilation – COVER ART

Playground Records celebrate 10 years in the game with a sprawling compilation of music from friends and family.

The party was the talk of the town, anybody who was anybody was in attendance; the creme de la creme of high society silently judging the next person through gritted teeth and fake smiles. In reality they all hated each other, but the forced small talk was a necessity to ensure their social ranking stayed intact. Once the evening was over they could go back to slandering one another behind closed doors, until the next social event arrived and once again it would be on with the facade…


From raves in Buenos Aires to building a family of like-minded artists in Barcelona and notching up over 50 releases, Playground Records have done a hell of a lot over the last decade. They’re marking the occasion doing exactly what they do best: making people dance. Alongside a string of parties in cities across the globe, they’re bringing together label mates and extended family members for a big old compilation that champions all the various musical pillars of the imprint. There’s acid, synth wave, indie dance, psychedelic electronics, downtempo and more, courtesy of artists like Juan Maclean, Deux Control, Zillas on Acid, Anatolian Weapons, and label co-founder Martin Noise.