Premiere: Sobolik – Fk Around and Find Out


The All Centre affiliate takes care of the 13th release on Masha’s Kindergarten Records.

You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Everybody averted eyes; the silence was all engulfing – it was a wonder nobody had made a swift exit yet, instead they chose to wallow in the awkwardness. They’d managed to bury their feelings and stifle their emotions for hours now but things would reach boiling point soon enough, it was inevitable, but when was a different question altogether…


Kindergarten is back with their first release of the year and a label debut from Brooklyn-based producer Sobolik. In just a few years they’ve built a healthy catalogue of finely tuned music for labels like 3024, Woozy, Cloudcore and several for All Centre, the label they co-run alongside Simkin and DJ Pitch. Their first for Kindergarten, a four-track EP titled Packet Loss, is a testament to their deftness at playing with rhythm and percussion. Described by Sobolik as an expression of ‘the tension between joy and discomfort’, the release is an ode to the dance floor which has provided a space in their life for ‘becoming, healing, and catharsis’.