Premiere: Mod Sens – Highspeed Rail

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The Terrorhythm alumni debuts on Programm with a two-tracker of sound-system inspired techno.

Little to nothing happened in this part of the world; even the tiniest disruption or the most trivial situation became the talk of the village. You couldn’t trust people not to talk, entertainment and gossip were thin on the ground, they needed something to keep their minds busy. Aside from the cluster of shops and the village hall, a railway track slithered through the centre; each route took you to bustling towns and cities which felt a world away from their reality. But it represented a path to somewhere else; an option to explore new places, meet new people and see new things, if they wanted to that is.


PROGRAMM_LDN are back with another two-tracker of sound-system influenced electronics, this time from Swedish producer and Terrorhythm alumni Mod Sens. Taking a collaborative approach to the EP, label bosses Will and Julian helped steer the producer into new musical realms, where he blends elements of techno, UKG and dubstep. The record is a personal journey inspired by a sense 0f growing and advancing which, in relation to the sonics on the two tracks, Mod Sens describes as ‘moving somewhere and progressing’  which is ‘really what brings the single and EP together.’