Premiere: Kito Jempere & Adam Evald, Antoha MC – Let’s Hold Our Hands Together (Lipelis Disco Mix))

5 Minute Read

A brilliant remix from Lipelis elevates an already great track into dancefloor extravagance.

The night was young as they cruised through the backstreets of the downtown neighbourhood. This is where they felt safest and like they could be their utmost self. There were few prying eyes back here and those who dared to wander these alleyways were long beyond saving anyways.

They held hands together as they marched beneath the faint glow of streetlight, music blared from a small boombox perched upon the shoulder of her close friend. She smiled as she caught his eye and winked kindly.

Nothing could beat the echo of drums in the street, the feeling of his hand in hers, it was magical.


If only every night could be like this.

Kito Jempere has collaborated with Adam Evald and Antoha MC on a sleazy disco inspired cut reminiscent of the downtown New York era. This is then beautifully crafted into a further whirlwind by Lipelis, who relishes in the rise and fall of percussion and luxurious vocals.

Listen below: