Delano Smith & Brawther combine under their D&B Productions alias for Sushitech’s 60th release

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Written by Grace Morton

Delano Smith re-emerges on the label Sushitech, after having two of his earlier tunes remodelled by Carl Craig and Mike Huckaby, with an upcoming release made with Brawther under the moniker D&B Productions. Official release is said to be on the 6th February 2023.

The new alias may only be wordplay rather than an outright conversion to DnB. However, the snippets released on SoundCloud by Sushitech do embody a deep bassline, possibly reminiscent of early DnB classics. Six brand new tracks are out on SoundCloud now: Symbiosis’ 1-6, a soulful blend of an ambient synth over a steady drumbeat.

Born in Detroit and raised on Chicago’s West Side, Delano Smith is known as a pioneer of early house. His earlier sounds fused soul, disco and early electronic, mentored by Detroit legend Ken Collier, before the official sounds of house and techno were even established.


In 2009 Delano began working with Berlin based Sushitech Records, founded and run by Yossi Amoyal, which redefined Delano’s musical direction, tempting him into the deeper shades of house and techno. Following a series of popular Sushitech EPs, Delano released ‘An Odyssey’ in 2012, an album further defining Delano’s house and techno capabilities. Throw Paris born, Leeds raised, deep house DJ Brawther into the mix and D&B Productions is born.

The slow, emotive melodies of Brawther paired with Delano’s uplifting groove create a hybrid sound of the pair’s musical origins.