Premiere: Kaktus Einarsson – Story Of Charms (Superpitcher Remix)


A sprawling remix package of the Ghostigital band member and producer’s debut album Kick the Ladder.

It didn’t matter if he stepped out of line, he always seemed to get away with murder. Everybody worshipped the ground he walked on; he had a charm that rivalled most. Was it in the tone of his voice or the way he maintained eye contact, or simply just the things he said that put everyone and their dog under his spell? She couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something that didn’t sit right; an insincerity that lay beneath the smiling facade. Only time would tell if her instincts were right…


Ghostigital band member and producer Kaktus Einarsson’s debut album Kick the Ladder was a harmonious marriage of classical and dream pop, that displayed the different facets of his musical work. As a follow up to last year’s release, which came out on One Little Independent Records, he’s brought on board several artists to rework the originals – the results of which are shared on Remix The Ladder. A sprawling and varied collection of reinterpretations, ranging from indie dance and synth wave to club-ready techno, the release features music from Bawrut, Theus Mago, Superpitcher, russian.girls and many more.


Remix The Ladder is out on 1st April via One Little Independent Records.