Premiere: Job Sifre — Never Ending (Subatomic Acid Mix)

Virgin Forest by Delphine Lejeune_small

traumgarten release their second benefit compilation to raise funds for Alianza Arkana, Everyday Refugees and Bridges Over Borders.

Rest seemed such an unfamiliar word these days, life moved at a 100 miles per hour with no respite or time to take stock. When one thing ended another started, the mind was constantly flooded with information and given little chance to absorb it all. The tasks were never ending and the willingness to complete them continued to evaporate; would there ever be a chance to slow down and simply switch off?


Amsterdam’s traumgarten have called on friends and family for a new compilation to raise money for three charities doing important work in their respective fields. “An ode to parallel universes, dormant desires, and all the unexplored paths of our finite existence”, the 21 track release marks the label’s second benefit release. Titled ‘Virgin Forest’, the compilation brings together the likes of Job Sifre, upsammy, Ineffekt & Nazanin Noori, who explore the cosmic corners of the electronic spectrum, touching on ambient, bass, percussive rhythms, acid and much more.

All proceeds will be split between three organisations: Alianza Arkana, a grassroots organization committed to the protection, development and wellbeing of the Peruvian Amazon and the indigenous Shipibo-Konibo peoples; Everyday Refugees, a foundation that aids refugees, local communities, and people internally displaced by war; and Bridges Over Borders, a community-based collective offering support to BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised individuals fleeing Ukraine.